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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. same landlord, different and disgusting accusations. the creepy crawlies tenants reported days after moving in. keeping the rains alive. who wants to get the parties started again? and a discovery. what was unearthed in monterey county? we have seen rain in the bay area for the last ten days straight. roberta is tracking our latest storm. >> that makes it 17 days out of 22 for month of march. this is the scene in the santa cruz mountains. we will have a flash flood watch in effect from midnight through wednesday afternoon. it is evidence we have the green on the screen. the rain falling in throughout the mountain areas of santa cruz. backing through the santa clara valley. eastbound, that's a pocket of
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moderate rain as it will lift up toward the delta. north bay has been slammed with precipitation. up to half an inch of rain since 4:00 this afternoon. couple up with the rain, the speed of the wind. we will pinpoint the windiest locations for your wednesday. that's still coming up later in this newscast. dana and allen and kit. all right, we are live here in the santa cruz mountains. seeing this rain fall all afternoon and evening and well into the night here. they are hoping that this rain doesn't come all at once. it is spread out over the week because the ground out here is saturated. so nonetheless, we did get to spend time with the people who live out here in the santa cruz mountains. not one to sit around and wait for rock slide to get cleared. they aren't going to let that natural disaster get in the way of living. >> in the santa cruz mountains, the 40-foot tall,
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200 foot rock slide that is at worse, an inconvenience. >> we live in the mountains. it's great fun. it's cheap, free entertainment. >> the tractor and a can do mounting spirit, neighbors simply cut a path around the slide through poison oak and ankle deep mud. this basically qualifies as a road now in scott valley. it's the only way into and out of the slide area. the concern now is it just started raining. the first of five inches to fall in the santa cruz mountains this week. families spent the afternoon working together to beat the storms. navigating the muck and positioning cars on either side of the slide before the rains really made the makeshift road impassable. by the end of day two, neighbors had the system down. carrying supplies on foot. from this neighborhood, a rock slide does not mean isolation. >> it doesn't actually bring the people together and then
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once this is over with, we'll kind of go our separate ways for a little while and live our lives privately and probably we'll wave to each other then. >> until the next disaster. >> yeah. exactly. >> oh man. oh man. >> yesterday, a neighbor was shooting video with her cell phone when tons of rock came crashing down. the sand stone soaked and heavy from a wet winter gave way. amazingly, there were no injuries and minor damage. >> this is big. this is going to be difficult to deal with. >> in the meantime, they will do what they always do in these parts, adapt and shrug it off as life in the mountains. >> and a geologist is here tomorrow. the earliest estimate for a cleanup will take weeks. allen. >> it looks like the folks in the santa cruz mountains are prepared and it gives them a chance to use their toys and get out there and clean it up. >> yeah, they were definitely having a good time out there.
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you could say that. > thanks. >> the president says the united states is just days away from handing over control of military operations in libya to other countries. despite the cost, he says that americans will ultimately feel satisfied that this mission helped people. >> because of the extraordinary capabilities and valor of our men and women in uniform, we have already saved lives. >> the pentagon is blaming equipment failure for the f15 that crashed in libya today. two american pilots suffered minor injuries. in the meantime, the u.s. military says it is considering all options in response to attacks from civilians in the coastal city. this video reportedly shot there surfaced on youtube. first contaminated well water, now a cock roach infestation. robert lials with another tenant's horror story.
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one of the bay area's most controversial landlords. >> we liked it because a lot of light got into the apartment. >> nick thought a third floor apartment in this oakland building would make a good home for his family, but within days of moving in. >> we started seeing cockroaches. >> and within a few weeks. >> they were everywhere. they were in our clothes, our furniture. it got to the point where we find them crawling on our bodies in bed. >> turning what he says should have been peaceful flights of slumber into nightmares for his young son. >> among their toys, we would have to shake off the clothes before we put them on. it is something they will never forget. tbl when the landlord wouldn't fix the problem, he moved his family out. his ordeal was far from over n. a shocking twist, the landlord blamed him for the crawling infestation and refused to return his security deposit. this is his landlord, thomas. thomas and his wife own more
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than 150 apartment units in the bay area. you may remember thomas from another cbs 5 investigation involving these homes on heyward. lab results confirm renters were drinking and bathing in water contaminated with e. coli and fecal bacteria. >> it would be brown before it would turn clear. >> my eyes are always blurry. >> our investigation prompted the alameda county district attorney's office to open its own investigation. now no one here is saying if this is a criminal or a civil investigation. but a spokesperson will say these offices are all too familiar with richard thomas. why? because of the hundreds of people who sued him. >> phil was one of those tenants joining a class action lawsuit. >> he preys on the weakest and he profits from it. >> barry was the lead attorney on the case. >> he was in my estimation,
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bullying little people around. >> anything else? >> he uncovered this pattern of bad faith. >> listening to this one. oh here. >> when tenants would move out, thomas would walk the apartment. nitpicking a laundry list of supposed damages. as shown in this video. >> and somebody put something in here that was wet. >> thomas would send his former tenants letters, which he claims allowed him to withhold their security deposit and a tenant sued for $1300, thomas would almost always countersue for almost $7,000. claiming the roach infestation cost him lost rent. >> he's left them in dire, dire straight and for the amount of people we're talking about, it was a significant impact on the quality of life in the community. >> the jury found in favor of
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the tenant, because they believe thomas committed these acts with malice and fraud. and just last month, an appeals court agreed. but still, none have collected a dime. >> there are things that have not been removed. >> thomas continues to fight the verdict. while continuing to rent to the public. >> the important thing is that these acts don't continue to other people because you can be a victim. >> as of tonight, richard thomas has not returned any of our calls. in my hand is a court notice that just denied thomas' petition to rehear the appellate ruling. the tenant's lawyers predict in the next few days, thomas will file yet another petition. this time to the california supreme court. and that is not good news for nate who has been waiting four years to get his security deposit back. meanwhile on harvey avenue, the
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investigation that broke this entire matter. tenants tell me it has been two weeks and they are still under orders to not drink the tap batter. all the tap water comes from a contaminated well on the property. thomas was instructed by county health to produce lab results, showing the water has been cleaned up. the city of heyward tells me tonight, there's no proof that it happened. thomas has been find $9100 and they tell us those daily fines continue. >> and those folks have to drink bottle water. they have to continue with the bottle water until he provides some type of paperwork. a suspect today for prosecutors in the barry bonds perjury trial. greg anderson made a brief aperches in court this morning. but bond's friend and former fitness trainer refused once again to testify. the judge ordered him back to jail for the duration of the
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trial. anderson's attorney says he already served time in prison for this case, so he shouldn't have to go again. >> he's not going to cooperate. they didn't play fair, he's not going to play their game. sum pl as that. >> bonds is accused of lying to a federal grand jury about his receipt of anabolic steroids and other drugs from anderson. the csu system may cut enrollment by 10,000 students next school year. that's the deal with anticipated budget cuts from the state. nearly 2.5% of the 420,000 students in the system this year. in addition, the 23 campuses maybe asked to cut $281 million from their budget. that includes 28 million from the san francisco state budget. taboo men are dead following a shooting in east oakland later tonight. police are called to a home on
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the 6100 block of harmon avenue at 8:00 and they found those men lying in the driveway. both men were taken to the hospital where they later died. two dogs were also shot. one of them was killed. witnesses saw two men running from the scene. so far, the suspects have not been found. and at sfo, relatives waited quite a while for passengers on a flight that was named in a telephone threat. people on board the plane were released moments ago. they were flying to san francisco when that threat cyme in. the plane landed safe think and parked in a remote area of the tarmac. a search of the cargo area is on going, but so far it turned up nothing suspicious. banning together to save the raid. why one group says it's time to get the party started again. thousands of years old and more than 12 feet tall. the prehistoric find in a nearby county.
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city hall in san francisco shows fans of raves turned out in force for a demonstration at city hall in san francisco tonight. elizabeth cook shows us they are reacting to a bay area lawmaker's effort to ban the controversial music shows. some call it the wood stock of
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this generation where thousands pack into huge venues to listen to music. that is who turned out tonight to keep raves alive. >> electronic dance music is the number one form of expression for young people today and this generation. >> recently raves have turned deadly. >> we didn't get there until later that evening and unfortunately by the time i had gotten there, he had already passed away. >> his son, anthony, passed away. within months a 25-year-old would die at the palace. the rave deaths continued nla when a 15-year-old collapsed with a drug overdose. assemblywoman hope to legally ban raves, but not until all sides voice their opinions. >> it is not acceptable if one young person dies at an event. >> leah shaw is an organizer. >> our main goal is to show city hall that we are a
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positive people group and our events need to be protected. that they are vital, economic, and cultural resources and important to the community. >> rave supporters fear if their events are banned, they will drive raves under ground. >> i'm not interested in going to under ground parties. those just aren't safe and that's not harm reduction policy right there. >> we don't want to drive it under ground, but we also feel that we need to better regulate these type of events that put our young people at risk. >> in san francisco, elizabeth cook for cbs 5. all right, nobody is raving. well maybe the ducks. i don't know. but dana is not, roberta. >> i'm not the only one. >> i think a lot of people have said enough. we still have a couple more days of rain before high pressure begins to build in. it's our high deaf doppler radar. now we are monitoring this
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right here. it's containing moderate rain. 680 heading north. also hit and miss scattered showers around the peninsula. i've been watching this activity as it begins to over ride 1. northbound is getting slammed by moderate rain fall. let's take a look at the accumulation. there you have the total. a quarter of an inch in oakland and around the peninsula, approaching a quarter of an inch as well. this is the area of low pressure that is braced up against the state of california. we have a lot more rain associated with it and with it already saturated soil. flash flood watch in effect at midnight tonight all the way through wednesday afternoon. we do anticipate the rain to intensify before beginning to back off somewhat by the morning commute. 40s overnight lows and speaking of your commute, you'll want that umbrella tomorrow and give yourself plenty of exfrom time. showers throughout the day.
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chance of a thunderstorm containing small hail. winds ramping up out of the southeast. up to 20 and 30, then beginning to back off. behind this system, we'll have a lull by late wednesday afternoon. thursday morning, here comes the more potent system. >> let's walk you through your wednesday. green on the screen means you need your umbrella. and there you have it. all day long, all the way towards the evening commute. and accumulation should measure up to an inch and a half, but this on top of already saturated soil. tomorrow's daytime high temperatures, 59 around the central bay. otherwise low 50s around the seashore. meanwhile the intended forecast, a bigger storm, gustier winds. a lingering shower early friday. another impulse on saturday. mostly cloudy on sunday with perhaps a break monday, tuesday. keep the photos coming as michael did to my picks on >> thanks, roberta. you can find the latest storm
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related news on our website, you can also find interactive high definition doppler for your neighborhood. just click on the weather tab. well, it's been there for 10,000 years or more. we are just now hearing about it. what archaeologists uncovered in monterey county. ,,,,,,,,,,
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scientists have unearthed the remains of an animal there was an amazing discovery in monterey county. >> that animal became extinct many years ago. >> it's the archaeological equivalent of finding a needle in a hay stack. in monterey county, oologists uncovered a clump columbia -- >> we do have a tusk at the museum. as far as i know, and i don't know much about this particular find, but this would be one of the first complete skeletons in this particular area. >> mammoths in california are not necessarily rare, but skeletons are rare.
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>> mark is the assistant director at the uc berkeley museum. he says the columbia mammoth could be as old as 1.8 million years or as young as 6,000. they were massive creatures that stood 15 feet high at the shoulder with tusks 6 to 8 feet long and they grazed on grass. to illustrate the size, we try to find something in our modern world that will show you how big a columbia mammoth would be. it would be about the width of one of our news trucks. you might call it big boned. they were vegetarianed and lived up the grasslands. their social behavior was probably similar to something more familiar to us. >> how to best answer that question, looking at modern elephants today. they are social creatures. they are very intelligent creatures. >> the hope is this columbia mammoth wasn't the only thing preserved. >> geologists were like
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detectives. we use clues that we find from the locality, for instance, to recreate the eco system, the environment, the climate. >> you're probably more familiar with the woolly mammoth. they are similar. the columbia mammoth was slightly shorter by a few feet and didn't have that long shaggy hair. at one point, humans did live with them, but what we don't know is how they interacted and how the columbia mammoth went extinct. the source of argument among archaeologists. >> maybe this find will help them figure that out. give them a clue. >> let's hope so. >> thanks, grace. why raider fans are not going to like a new nfl rule. usf going at it next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ n.i.t. tournament..the next best college well, if you didn't get invited to the tournament, the next best thing was the college tournament. >> yes, usf hosted santa clara in the quarter finals. cody had 18 off the bench for
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the dawns. a team high 21. the dawns up 11. there were 15 changes in the game. drains the bucket. santa clara inches back. kevin foster, he did what he does. he finished with 27 points. the difference maker was that man. after losing to u.s. twice, the broncos moving on to the semifinals against smu on friday night. the yukon husky women are transferring to the semifinals for the 18th consecutive year. they seem to be on a crash course. the last team to beat them earlier this year. the nfl, today there were new rules installed to prevent injuries. but they do take away some of the fun. kickoff will now originate from the 35-yard line instead of the 30. designed to cut down on the injuries, but expected to lesson the impact because the
11:30 pm
kickoff will go to the end zone. also all scoring plays are now open to automatic review by replay officials. replays came from the booth onliment the last two minutes of each. the new kickoff rule is bad for the raiders. >> we have one of those elite returns and we love for him to have as many opportunities as he can. >> it may be a time, four yards deep that he may bring it out because you have to get opportunities. >> i have the tuesday night -- bring it. >> that hoop. >> what? >> there it is. there you go. >> i couldn't believe it either until i saw it. yukon showing off in front of the harlem globe trotters. alexander gave him a lift and
11:31 pm
caps beat the fliers. number three, i'm calling this the rejection of the year. blocked matthews. that is all folks, but the blazers beat the wizards. it has to be our spring training, too. if this is the real deal. no way in the top five. must be a friend of our producers. gets in, put a smack dab on the hawk tonight. 114-81 and in doing so, they move into the top spot in the eastern conference. cj watson. how about that? good for him. >> the thing about the nfl rule changes, they have to play next year in order for those to go into effect. >> isn't it interesting they keep the fans interested. we have a news conference to talk about. get back on the field. >> get back to the table and talk. >> $9 billion. figure it out. cranky. we'll be back. ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] the network.
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i'm not worried about my back anymore. i wanna do that again! announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit i was wondering, what time is it? >> the train has rolled in. 11:35. this is my dad's h.

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